Indicative Financing Rates

Updated monthly. Last update: May 2018

The following interest rates are indicative of short-term floating and long-term fixed rates applicable to local government tax-exempt financing.  The Commercial Paper rate is reset approximately every 30 days.  The Bond Buyer Index represents a 20-year fixed rate.  The tax-exempt rates shown do not include applicable fees or costs of issuance.

VML/VACo Finance’s Commercial Paper Program provides access to short-term interest rates for local governments seeking interim financing, revenue anticipation loans, and longer-term floating rate loans. In addition, VML/VACo Finance assists local governments as an MSRB-registered Municipal Advisor in obtaining long-term financing through municipal bonds, state loan programs, bank loans, equipment leases, and its in-house, no closing cost Fixed Rate Loan Program.

This Month

Commercial Paper Rate                          Bond Buyer Index*

1.72%                3.89%

One Year Ago

Commercial Paper Rate                          Bond Buyer Index*

0.92%                3.82%

 * The 20-year Bond Buyer Index assumes a AA-rated, General Obligation pledge.