VML/VACo Finance is now offering a stable value daily liquidity investment pool with a AAAm rating from Standard & Poor’s.

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The non-profit Virginia Local Government Finance Corporation is now awarding $5000 grants for each participant in the Fixed Rate Loan Program. Use your grant for closing costs or for any other purpose. Grants are automatically awarded at closing.

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VML/VACo Finance is a leading provider of Financing, Investment, and Advisory Services for Virginia local governments.

Financing Investment Advisory

Fixed Rate Loan Program

Fixed rate loans without the high cost of traditional bond issues

Virginia Investment Pool

Virginia Investment Pool

Offering two fixed income investment pools with different time horizons

OPEB Actuarial Services

OPEB Actuarial Services

Discounted actuarial services from one of the nation’s leading providers

Equipment Leasing

Small Equipment Leasing Program

Quick & easy financing for equipment

Pooled OPEB Trust

Pooled OPEB Trust

Virginia’s #1 OPEB investment option

Accounting Services

Accounting Services

Accounting assistance available year-end or year-round

Commercial Paper

Architect and Foreman Discussing Plans

Floating rate loans that are remarkably easy to access