2010 “Name That Virginia Locality” Champions

Brainiac local officials surrounded VML/VACo Finance’s exhibit booth at the recent VML and VACo Annual Conferences, vying for the unofficial title of smartest local government official in Virginia.  VML/VACo Finance’s trivia game, “Name That Virginia Locality,” calls for contestants to identify the City, County, or Town described in a series of ten trivia questions.  Incidentally, each of the 100 localities identified in the game has used the services of VML/VACo Finance. 

Here are the Combined Top Scores from the two statewide conferences:

1.  Rebecca Zelman, Isle of Wight Co. Top Scorer!  170 points 

2. (Tie) Andrew McRoberts, Essex Co.;  Doug Caskey, Isle of Wight Co. 150 points

4. (Tie) Ronald Coleman, Altavista;  Nancy Carwile, Charlotte Co.;  Rock Racer, Luray – 140 points

7.  (Tie) David Quesenberry, Pulaski;  Cristi Lawton, New Kent Co.;  Ellen McDaniel, Wythe Co.,  Tim Kennell, Cumberland Co. – 130 points

Obviously, a very tight contest.  Thanks to all our contestants!