IDA of Stafford & Staunton

IDA of Stafford County & the City of Staunton, Virginia

Municipal bonds and notes of the VML/VACo Finance program are issued by the Industrial Development Authority of the County of Stafford and the City of Staunton, Virginia (IDA). This joint IDA was established solely for the purpose of serving as the Issuer for VML/VACo Finance.  The dozens of VML and VACo member localities that have benefitted from VML/VACo’s pooled financing programs since 2003 are grateful to the Board of Supervisors of Stafford County and the City Council of Staunton for their invaluable roles in creating VML/VACo Finance and for their continuing support of the program.

The IDA is organized and exists as a political subdivision of the Commonwealth.  Its Board of Directors consists of seven (7) directors, three (3) of whom are appointed on a continuing basis by the Board of Supervisors of Stafford County, and three (3) of whom are appointed on a continuing basis by the City Council of Staunton. The remaining position is appointed on a rotating basis between the two localities.

Industrial Development Authority of Stafford Co. & the City of Staunton, Virginia

Board of Directors – 2016-2017

Gary G. Adkins (Stafford Co.)


President and Chief Executive Officer for
Applied Geospatial Solutions
International, Inc.,
based in Fredericksburg

Michael D. Norris (Staunton)

Vice Chairman

A retired Certified Public Accountant and

former business owner

Ray Griffin (Staunton)

Retired City Manager, VA, NC, and TN

Michael Lovitt (Stafford Co.)

 Politician and Chick-fil-a Owner/Operator

Terry Payne (Stafford Co.)

 A Senior Contracting Officer for the

U.S. Agency for International Development, Washington, DC

Jane T. Pietrowski, PhD (Staunton)

An Associate Professor of Economics at Mary Baldwin College

Courtland Robinson (Staunton)

 Business Development Director for the

Shenandoah Valley Partnership. Former Assistant Director of the City of Staunton EDA